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Advance Studio Fall 2017: +/

The programs of the project are artist studio and art museum. The intent of the project is to create a dialog between production and presentation of art through interweaving vertical and horizontal facades.


Glass is used as an extremely thin layer of facade, yet extend the visual boundary of building through reflection and to the other end of street.


Interweaving grid system from plan extend as both structure and wall. Different floor to ceiling height of each set of sturcture create different volume of space for artist studio to host various needs of working enviornment. Museum is inserted as a horizontal grid system. The building is formed by the two horizontally and vertically interlocking grid system. 

The two programs, art studio and museum, are merging from two needs. The need of collective artist studio environment in urban setting, and the need of change in perception of contemporary museum space. 

 Contemporary museum is no long a precious box sits on a grand plaza. It can be high-rise, to create more interaction with city vertically. Artist studio is a space provide artist legible working enviornment in an urban setting. And establish a shared community among artists cross-displinery.

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