About me

I am Tiantian Lou, an interdisciplinary artist, from Vancouver, BC.  I'm a dweller, making a both physical and imaginary dwelling through the discipline of painting, jewelry, textile, ceramics, furniture and architecture.

Currently, I am a master candidate in the School of Architecture, Princeton University. Before coming to Princeton, I was an artist in residency of Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, and received BFA and B.Arch from Rhode Island School of Design.


About my work

My work is an investigation of the relationship between human-made space and the human body. I explore the interaction between the built environment and human activity t through the process of making; it is a way of working towards architecture through crafting — fiber, metal, clay. To me, architecture is an intimate bodily relation, a physical process of making and thinking through my hands. 

Making is a tactile process; it encourages me to investigate the architectural space on a scale that is close to the human body, and shapes my approach to built structure as a process of inhabiting that evokes the sensory experience. Working with my hands is a similar experience as being a multi-lingual speaker — I accumulate my understanding and awareness of the language of each material, learning its grammar and reading its literature. It is an exploration and negotiation of the strength and limit of each material. Craft can be interpreted as an autonomous form of an artifact, at the same time it interconnects the conceptual inquiries at the core of architecture discipline. The architectural training builds a basis to exchange all types of material and conceptual languages and to organize and integrate these languages into a collective spatial cognition.

My work creates an inhabitation for me to probe my visual and tactile inquires. Within the framework of partially physical and partially imaginary dwelling, I practice my own domesticity, examine the intimacy between body and the built space. The process of inhabiting connects each digital, technical, and material language within the architecture domain, at the same time introduces, exchanges, and projects these languages in a broader context of art and design. 

For inquiries, please contact Tiantian at mailto:lloutiantian@gmail.com (lloutiantian@gmail.com)

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