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body intimacy

thesis project Spring 2018


The thesis is an investigation of body intimacy across scale.

Within the setting of a dwelling,
I explore the relationship between my body and architecture.

Intimacy is evoked through skin and eye.
It is the sensation of tactility and enclosure.

The intimacy inhabits in the house.

The thesis is an investigation of architecture discipline through the process of making -- a way of working toward architecture through crafting.

To me, architecture is an intimate body relation,
a physical process of making and thinking through hands.

In working across discipline,
I embrace the physical connection of my body with materials that I work with.


flip of the non-90 degree

I live in a non 90 degree theatre 

color is the structure


the inhabitation starts from an imaginary site




methodology of folding and flipping allows the exchange of program in a smaller scale.
it breaks the unit of room,
and joints the program of use through elements. 

window and door unfold into furnitures, which stage body movement within the dwelling.


the floor is constantly stepping.

the house is a process of staggering through the scale of furniture.

the constantly interchange between floor and furniture engages body movement,
constructs the way body act to space.







window and door unfold into furnitures of different program of use,

as desks, shelfs, or just as a reflection of color.

windows as doors are the two constantly flipping element.
it allows the interchange of inside and outside.



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