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folding to architecture

making of design principle

advisor: Kyna Leski

Making of Design Principle is the first year core studiothat introduces fundamental concept and language ofarchitecture.
The first half of the class, developing and understandingline, form, language, and logic of space are introducedthroughout several exercises. In this phrase, research isfocused on subtle shifting to create movement and dialogamong objects and spaces.
A single piece of paper transfers into a site model throughcutting and folding. The tectonic for folding is continuedthroughout the design of final project. 

The second phrase of the course is to design a theatre, with specificrequirements of size and volume, locates on Benefit Street, Providence.During the working process, a double-layer model is introduced. It notonly leads to acknowledge the thickness of wall, but also provides anopportunity to manipulate the wall from double side. For example, atfirst, two sides of a wall can be parallel, then at one point, as they goseparately from each other, directional movement of walls, storage,passage, and other spaces within buildings are created. 

detail, process, and concept

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