Weaving as structure

Weaving is the interweaving of inside and outside. It is the structure system, that bond thread into fabric, and establish the interior and exterior relation on surfaces. The image on the left is a process of cutting and flipping the double-side surface. The non-90 degree cuts allow the surface to grow and transform organically. In result, it establish a intertwined interior and exterior spatial configuration and density. 

My practice with fiber started last fall, in my architecture thesis seminar, where my professor gave us an assignment: “make a gathering field”. I started with dipping half bundle of string into ink, then unrolling the bundle, and weaving it into fabric. The intuitive response to the “gathering field” suddenly opens a brand new area of excitement for me to work with. 


Everything of my physical body is taken from other sources. The only part is truly mine, is the mind. The physical body is a mediator between the external and internal, a container that collide and multiply the exterior world, a finite zone of me. Within the limit of 17-1/2”, the width of my shoulder, I used my body as the loom, and wove on my body directly. Each piece is hung according to the position on body, forming a reminiscent volume of my body in space.


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