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architectural design

advisor: Jonathan Knowles

The objective of the second semester core studio is to design a scienceresearch lab locate at waterfront of Providence, RI. In the first half of thestudy, the physicality of canopy, the floating structure on water, and thelighting quality on site is researched and studied. Within such explorations,my interests are zig-zag structures that is able to balance and connect thewhole building, as well as sunlight on site that forms shadow as continuously changing skin on facades. 

Photography of lighting condition study take on site diagram

Shadow of the fence forms a continuously shifting skin on ground 

diagram, charcoal on newsprint, 14’’x17’’ 

zig-zag structure in building circulation 

Based on the orientation and operation of each room, windowswith different sizes and direction are created to allow natural lightperform in the interior space. Zig-zag circulation in both plan andsection connects three main blocks in an efficient way. 

Final model, museum board, 16''x30''

1/8 section drawing, pencil on paper, 20''x36''

1/16 plan drawings, pencil on paper, 18''x24''

1/16 section drawings, pencil on paper, 18''x24''

1/4 scale detail drawings, pencil on paper, 18''x24''

experiment model, foam core and bristol, 4''x10''x18''

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